Red Bull TV launches a documentary featuring Waves For Water


“Nobody has ever looked at something humanitarian as something cool.”

Jon Rose lives a story of wander and water. With the growing problem of access to clean water and education on the impact of the water crisis around the globe, Jon Rose takes one step and one filter at a time to solve the issue while doing what he loves along the way.

Jon Rose, a former pro surfer from Laguna Beach, has helped bring clean water to millions of people around the world. (Photo by Eugene Garcia, Orange County Register/SCNG)

In the feature-length documentary Waves For Water, former pro surfer and founder of international NGO Waves For Water Jon Rose takes us to his journey of bringing clean drinking water from one household to another in disaster-stricken areas, remote islands, and dense urban communities.

In lieu of showing the film on World Water Day, the film started with its first World Water Day mission in 2014 in Haiti together with five other countries—Liberia, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Philippines, and Brazil. They had one goal: to provide clean water to 100,000 people. On their next World Water Day celebration, they initiated a global campaign on social media called #nofilter, where everybody is invited to take photos holding up a sign with the hashtag and post it on Instagram. This awareness campaign had been such a success also with the support of football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined the campaign.

The launching of Waves for Water Documentary at A Space Manila last March 22, 2017 in celebration with World Water Day. Photo by Michael Eijansantos

The film also features interviews from actors Rosario Dawson and Patricia Arquette, Hurley founder Bob Hurley, and William Gardner of the United Nations.

“People talk about finding your passion and going for it, but don’t know where to start,” said Rosario. “I love that Jon says just start with a filter. Throw a filter in your backpack and we can do this together.”

From a traveler’s way to give back to communities they come across along the way, Waves For Water is also an active organization in responding to massive disasters like the Haiti earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. These disaster-response programs further grew into impact-driven missions by partnering with other local groups that complements the objectives of Waves For Water.

In the Philippines, country director Carlo Delantar is in constant pursuit to finding the right people and organizations to partner with to create maximum impact. “Our goal is to provide clean water to every Filipino in need and more.” Hope for the Island, a partner NGO based in Siargao, helped mount the program and also monitor the use of the filters.

A photo exhibit featuring the works of Photographers Artu Nepomuceno, Meg Manzano, Takeshi Shinohara, and Aaron Palabayab, who are also Clean Water Couriers. Photo by Michael Eijansantos

This simple filtration system has impacted over 8 million people since the organization was founded in 2009. The documentary Waves For Water strives to inspire more people one filter at a time. Free streaming of documentary at Red Bull TV. Click here to watch.

About Waves for Water

Waves For Water is an international non-profit that works on the front line providing clean water solutions to communities in need. Its presence in the Philippines began during Supertyphoon Yolanda, and at present has provided almost a million Filipinos access to clean water across thirty-three provinces. For more information, contact [email protected]



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