A Day with Luke Landrigan


He is the face of Philippine surfing. Owner of the most popular surf school in the Philippines, San Juan Surf School in La Union, Luke Landrigan is one of the first surfers who paved the way for the surf entrepreneur generation. Aside from managing his surf school, you will see Luke in TV commercials, and print ads. This Filipino- Australian local surfer from La Union gave us a brief history of his life in this short interview by Moireen Espinosa for our Surf Entrepreneur Generation feature. It is an honor for us here in My Life on Board to be given a chance to have a one on one interview with Mr. Landrigan.

Surf background

Moireen: When did you start surfing? Your inspiration?

Luke: I cant remember how old but I think that was around when I was 9. My inspiration is someone who can ride any crafts, I mean someone who rides shortboards, longboards and weird looking boards.

Moireen: Who do you consider as your mentor?

Luke: My dad is my mentor.

Moireen: What makes La Union home? What is your favorite and most memorable surf trip?

Luke: La Union is home because this is where I grew up, I can speak the dialect and all my kababatas (childhood friends) are from here. My most memorable surf trip was when I was 16 we went to Bali and Sumabawa, that was in 1999.

20140614_112605Luke and his backyard.

 San Juan Surf Resort

Moireen: When and why did you establish the San Juan surf school and resort? Any plans of putting more surf camps and resorts in other Philippine surf spots?

Luke: My dad started it in 1992 and we just had our house and 3 bungalows for dads friends then eventually by word of mouth more people came then here we are now with 30 rooms.


Luke: San juan surf school started when I dropped out of college coz I missed so much school coz of surfing competitions so I decided to just stick with my passion.


Visit http://www.sanjuansurfschool.ph/ for more details.

Surf culture in the Philippines

Moireen: What makes surfing in the Philippines unique? Pros and cons? Is there an increase in Filipinos surfing?

Luke: What makes the Philippines unique is the Pinoy surfers, coz we’re willing to share our waves. More and more people surf now that’s for sure! Coz of the continuous availability of surfboards, we have local shapers now that are just starting but that’s a big step towards the progress of the sport but also it’s because of companies like Aloha Boardsports whom brought so much surfboards and accessories in the country years ago that made a huge huge step in our culture.

Luke: It’s really simple, no surfboards = no surfing so if those equipment weren’t available back then, then our sport wouldn’t be as big.


Luke LandriganLuke Landrigan, Aloha Boardsports teamrider who placed second in the Longboard Division of the Quiksilver Open West Java 2012 surfing competition held in Cimaja, Indonesia. (Photo courtesy of Tim Hain – ISC/ASC)

Luke Landrigan won the Billabong Pro Bali longboard division last 2013 with his friends Arip Mencos, Mike and Alma Oida.

Luke’s message to those who want to try surfing as their sport

Moireen: What is the best (surf) advice that you’ve received? what would you want to say to people who want to try surfing or to those who have tried surfing?

Luke: The best surfer is the one having the most fun. You wanna try it? Just go. Its easy and its for all ages and sizes. Dont let any problems, excuses or your weight discourage you to try it. Just go. Ok? See ya here! 🙂

About San Juan Surf School and Shop

Established in 2003 by Filipino-Australian surfer Luke Landrigan, enjoys its reputation as the #1 surf school in the Philippines. Located within La Union’s famous San Juan Surf Resort.

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