The 4th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy: All Roads Goes to Siquijor and Cebu for an Epic Skate Trip


Press Release:

All roads lead to Siquijor this Holy Week. Good Friday, March 29, 2013 marks the fourth year of the Visayan Longboarding Trilogy, and this year will be another epic skate trip around the visayas with more than a hundred long boarders from every region in the Philippines with a smattering of international longboarding celebrities.

Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor is the venue of the 1st leg of the 4th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy. Photo by Michael Eijansantos.

Rayne Longboards riders Patrick Switzer and Gerard Cancio. Photo by Michael Eijansantos.

Visayan Longboarding Trilogy is perhaps one of the longest running adventure and back to back competitions in downhill skateboarding. Siquijor plays host to the first leg of the VLT, where a friendly push race from the danish lagoon to the beautiful Capilay springs and the white beaches of San Juan awaits the longboarder, With closed road sessions on Saturdays, march 30 for the time trials and slide jam, while Easter Sunday is reserved for a good day of downhill racing in Campalanas, Lazi where more than eighty (80) freeriders and competitors are expected to race from all over the world.

Powdery white sand beach.

Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor.

The second leg of VLT will be held in the mountains of Boljoon from Tuesday to Thursday, April 2 to April 4. On April 2 a push race around the town of boljoon and a freestyle competition, while on Wednesday, time trials and a slide jams in Palanas mountain resort and on Thursday, April 4 will be one on one downhill racing and freeriding on the old race course.

The treacherous uncle hairpin in Boljoon race course. 

On April 5 2013, Dumanjug in Cebu plays host to the third and final leg of the VLT. Friday will have an outlaw session while Saturday will be closing roads and having time trials and a slide jam. Sunday will have the finals of the women’s division, under seventeen division, class A and class B division. By the end of the week of skating, we will be crowning the top 20 skateboarders.

Kyle Aguas dashing away from the hairpin. Photo by Michael Eijansantos.

Dandoy Tongco and Patrick Switzer.

All across the community, groups unite and bring as many of their skateboarding items and give them away or trade them for something else. The Visayan Longboarding Trilogy is a unique event where families come together to cheer on their local bets and its always a great place to relax and just skate and enjoy some of the best mountain roads and beaches and waterfalls. Cash prizes for class A, Orangatang wheels for the first thirty registrants, and tons of giveaways from unique hemp jerseys to hammocks and board bags, only at the 4th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy.

VLT March 29- April 8, 2013

Visit the pre-register page of the 4th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy on Facebook, click here.

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Words by Jukka Holopainen

Photos by Michael Eijansantos




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