Sonny Boy “Bayogyog” Aporbo, Arjun Jimenez and Roderick Bazar Wins the Palm Beach Skimboarding Competition Presented by Palm Beach Water Sport Centre


Each year Palm Beach in Cheung Sha, Hong Kong holds a Skim Competition as a prelude to the annual watersport races in late summer. It is one of the major watersport competitions which they have been staging since 2010.

Hailed as one of the best skimboarders in Asia, Filipino skimboard athletes Sonny Boy “Bayogyog” Aporbo (Davao), Arjun Jimenez (Cebu) Roderick Bazar (Zambales/Samar) once again dominated an international skimboarding event last October 20-21, 2012 in Hongkong.

Sonny Boy “Bayogyog” Aporbo of Mati, Davao, Oriental once again delivered a significant victory over international skimboard competitors with pride and honor, bringing glory for our country.

Picture-6The undisputed Filipino skim trio. Manoy, Arjun “A-Smooth”  and Sonny Boy.

Filipino skimboarders are considered to be the best skimboarders in the world. This victory is considered to be another milestone for the Philippine skimboarding scene as Sonny Boy, Arjun and Manoy, with their God given talent, once again brought pride and honor to the Philippines.

photo courtesy of MLOB Photographer Emay Oler