Penang 6th International Skimboarding Competition 2012 Results and Highlights


Penang 6th International Skimboarding Competition 2012 is an annual state event of Penang headed by Y.B. Puan Lydia Ong Kok Fooi (Youth & Sports, Women, Family & Community Development) and supported by the Municipal Council of Penang Island (Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang) and the Penang Sports Council (Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang) and this event is organised by Persatuan Skimboarding Pulau Pinang (Penang Skimboarding Association) and Kelab Skimboarding Bersatu (United Skimboarding Club). This will be the sixth year the event is held on the island.

The recently concluded 6th Penang International Skimboarding competition presented by Quiksilver Malaysia last September 15-16, 2012 held at the beach front of Naza Talyya Hotel was a huge success. The best skimboard athletes in Asia showed their amazing skills in performing big air tricks and wave riding maneuvers on their skimboards with confidence and style.

The Philippine Skimboarding team headed by Alon Pinas once again dominated the competition. Miguel VIllamin from Zambales took over the groms division ( 12 and under) while Monica Rose Lacuesta, Arlene Grace Nonato and Antonette Bombase dominated the women’s division. For the 29 years and above category, Brien Secades got the 1st place title over Dzul and Kurt Hafiz Farah of Malaysia while Fuad Omar won 1st place for the 13-17 years category.

Sonny Boy Bayogyog, representing his home town, Mati, Davao Oriental made an astonishing victory over 2011 champion, DC skimboard athlete Arjun Jimenez from Cebu. This high flying local of Mati, Davao Oriental became popular in his skimboarding videos that’s why skimboarding enthusiast in Penang anticipated the action of the 2012 international skimboard competition.

Here are the 1st day highlights of the 6th Penang International Skimboarding Competition courtesy of My Life on Board Photographers in Malaysia, Ryan Andrew B. Aglugub, Arnel Duran Ayuban, Alvin Vergara and Robertson Pileo Tulayba.


Here are the results.

12 years and below category

1st Place- Miguel Villamin (Ph)

2nd Place- Noor Iqmal (Pg)

Women’s Category
1st Place- Monica Rose Lacuesta (Ph)
2nd Place- Arlene Arlene Grace Nonato (Ph)
3rd Place- Antonette Bombase (Ph)
29 years and above category
1st Place- Brien Secades (Ph)
2nd Place- Dzul (pg)
3rd Place- Kurt Hafiz Farah (Malaysia)


13 – 17 years category

1st Place- Fuad Omar (Pg)

2nd Place- Mohd Nizam (Pg)

3rd Place- Mohd Zaris Hakimi (Pg)


18 – 28 years category

1st Place- Sonny Boy Bayoyog (Ph)

2nd Place- Arjun Jimenez (Ph)

3rd Place- Roderick Manoy Bazar (Ph)


It was indeed a celebration of stoke and good vibes as well as camaraderie for the skimboarding communities in Asia. this event will not be possible without the passion and dedication of the event organizers most specially Mr. Jet Shon and the local skimboarders of Penang, Malaysia.

The Penang 6th international Skimboarding Competition is proudly presented by Quiksilver Malaysia and sponsored by Red Bull, DB Skimboards, Exile Skimboards, Oxbold, Naza Talyya Hotel, Bensatu and Media coverage by My Life on Board.

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