Longboarding – Dead For the Last Time


During the VLT, Adam Stokowski went to the Philippines to witness the biggest downhill race event in the country. He actually told me about this upcoming video with a old west theme. Check this new video from Loaded.

Old Man Farly is out for blood, the Paskapoo kid is on the run. What’s going to happen?
I had fun letting the inner filmmaker out and it was refreshing. Focusing more on shooting a mini movie with a story / narration. Tis good for me to mix it up now and then and challenge myself. I hope you all can appreciate this for the story, filming/editing, if not then try watching it with your eyes closed, hahah and visualize gnarly 100mph slides. It was a blast to film and I learned a bunch. Yes, we used a revolver that ejects cases, hahaha.

To hear our thoughts on the video, http://loadedboards.com/2012/04/filming-dead-for-the-last-time/

The Paskapoo Kid: Paul Kent
Ol’ Footbreak Farley: Dane Webber
Film: Adam Colton
Film Help: Paul Kent
Edit: Adam Colton
Music: Sam Peters – http://www.sampetersmusic.com
Special Effects: Jonathan Jelkin
Naration: Jerry Buckner – http://www.jerrybuckner.com
Filmed Across California
Clothing by: The Old Frontier Clothing Co.

Paul’s Setup
Rayne Longboards LongTreks demonseed (chopped), Orangatang 80a Balut, Aera Trucks 46/38° K3 7-Series, Riptide 80a/90a Chubby bushings boardside, Orangatang 80a/83a bushings roadside, Bullet Ceramic bearings.

Camera equipment:
Canon 5d mk 2 w/ EF 14mm f/2.8 L II USM
Canon 5d mk 2 w/ EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM
Canon 7d w/ EF 28-300mm f/4-5.6 L IS USM
Cinevate (http://cinevate.com) Atlas 10 Slider, Atlas Flt Slider, Durus Follow Focus
Cobra Crane



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