Longboarding is Good for your Health: La Rumba Bacana


Active lifestyle, that’s the main point of having a well balanced healthy life. The most popular form of exercise is jogging or brisk walking. Studies show that a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week of brisk walking will keep you stay healthy and can lessen the risk of having lifestyle diseases like heart problem and the most widely known lifestyle disease, obesity and diabetes. at least 300+ calories can be burned if you had an hour session of longboarding with your friends. Together with balance diet ( eating lots of vegetables), less oily foods and keeping away from vices, healthy lifestyle can be achievable.

There are a lot of alternative way to make your healthy activity an enjoyable one. Longboarding can give you a boost of healthy factors. It lets you sweat easily, maintaining your balance and pushing your longboard all the way, either on flat pavement, or going back on top of the hill, it makes your core muscles work thus it burns a lot of calories.  Longboarding gives you an adrenaline rush that suits your hunger for thrill and extreme experience.

This video is a celebration of longboarding and the good vibes it inspires. … We have lots of fun practicing and discovering new spots in Bogota, Columbia: “La Candelaria”, “El Parque Nacional”, “El Externado” y “El Tubo”. The majestic Concrete Wave, 20 minutes from our capital. Manuel Rivera, Camilo Céspedes y Mauricio Rodríguez surfing the asphalt on Loadeds.
Special thanks to: CLOWNAMANfor the clothes appearing in the videohttp://www.clownaman.com and PERNETT, who gave us the rights to the song “La Rumba Bacana” for this video http://myspace.com/pernett
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